Robert Adam's Vision of Edinburgh



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This is an interactive multimedia 

of designs for buildings by the Scottish Architect
Robert Adam   1728 - 1792


Robert Adam was recognised in his own time as the great architectural genius.

This site records buildings in Edinburgh that were constructed during Adam's lifetime, buildings that were constructed but which were in the process or subsequently modified, buildings that are now destroyed, and designs for buildings that only ever existed on paper.

Many of these latter designs by Adam are largely unknown. They are none-the-less great works of architecture. They extend further the classical architectural language that Robert Adam developed, that he translated and modified with great invention, and that was adopted so readily by Edinburgh for the development of its New Town. 

It is hoped that this web site will provide a glimpse of the vision he had for his home city, 

A new Internet based catalogue system provides the vehicle for accessing these records, which include introductory essays referencing the work of many experts on Adam, along with computer visualisations and photographs with related notes and captions. 

If you are using a browser that does not allow you to view applets, use this link to view the essays that the catalogue applet references.

Robert Adam and C18 Edinburgh
Register House-Edinburgh
Riding House - Edinburgh
Charlotte Square - Edinburgh
Church in Charlotte Square - Edinburgh
Viaduct Over the Low Calton -Edinburgh
Edinburgh University Old College
South Bridge Edinburgh Project
Leith Street Edinburgh Project

Books by Robert Adam
Robert Adam's Drawings
Vistas in C18 Design
Movement in Robert Adam's Architecture
Classical Orders



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