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This section summarises the terms and conditions when using resources on Scran. If you are at all unsure about the use of a Scran image contact us.   It takes a few moments to be sure.

The summary terms for the Full Service is not a substitute for the terms of your Scran licence. That is what applies. Please read that carefully.  Sample copies of licences can be accessed by clicking the relevant links.


Materials on Scran are either copyright or they have other rights associated with them.  Scran recognises those rights belong to those listed in the database under Image Rights Holder. 

We can allow you to use materials because we have negotiated rights from and signed licences with the owners. Scran is legally bound to pass those terms and conditions to you as a licence which is contractually binding on you. There are things you can do and things you cannot do based on those rights.

The system design, interface, code portions, page text, resource packs, tools and the database are copyright Scran. The word Scran and the logo are registered trademarks of the Scran Trust.

If you are an unlicensed user, you have limited rights. If you are a licensed user, you have more rights because you have entered into a further agreement with Scran.

Summary Terms and Conditions for Using the Free Service

You are free personally and individually to:

  • Search the whole Scran Database
  • View thumbnail sized images only
  • Download these images for private, personal, educational use

You may not:

  • Give these resources to anyone else in paper or electronic form - eg printouts, emails, web sites, any shared electronic storage system including servers, peer-to-peer systems or VLEs, CD or DVD ROMs or in presentations or publications
  • Make any money from these resources

Summary Terms for Using the Licensed Service

You have these rights as long as you or your institution is licensed. An Institutional licence covers staff and students.  A personal licence covers your sole use only.

You are free to:

  • Search the whole Scran database
  • View any size of image
  • Use all the tools
  • Share resources with other licensed users using Scran Stuff
  • [Educational Institution Licence] Download images for any educational use in your institution.
  • Store material on your hard-disk
  • Put material on an intranet which is available only to your home or institution†*
  • Put material on a CD-ROM which is available only in your home or institution†*
  • Use images in presentations which you will give including Powerpoint†*
  • Make printouts 
  • Make worksheets and electronic resources for use in your home or institution†*
  • Use material in theses
  • [For schools] use images for enterprise projects following royalty negotiation with Scran as part of the task and accrediting appropriately

† Personal licences cover home use only.  Institutional licences grant institutional use.

* This permission extends to the Local Authority if all schools or Libraries are licensed.

You may not:

  • Distribute these resources to any unlicensed user in paper or electronic form either in whole or in part - eg printouts, publications, emails, web sites, CD or DVD ROMs or presentations
  • Make any money from these resources or sell any publication or product containing these resources. 

Publishing or reproducing larger images for electronic, online or paper publication and distribution outside your home or institution will require the image to be ordered under a fresh licence and a fee will be levied. See Ordering Images Link below.


You must attribute your use of images for paper or electronic use. The proper form is:

© Name of owner. Licensor

The correct attribution form is listed for each record in the Attribution section at the bottom of each record. If you are using full resources on an intranet or thumbnails on an internet site, provide a link back to Scran.