Notice for Scran Contributors


Advanced Search

What is it?

The advanced search allows you to combine several search terms in order to tailor the search results to suit your needs. You can choose to search all or any of the terms you specify and you can even choose terms to exclude from the search.

Where can I find it?

A link to the advanced search is always visible underneath the search box in the top right hand corner of the page.

screenshotAlternatively, you can find the advanced search by selecting Search then Advanced from the navigation menu at the top of the page.

How do I use it?

screenshotThis is what the Advanced Search looks like:

In the first three text boxes, you can enter search terms. You can type single words or combinations of words. If you type more than one word the search will find results containing all those words (you can also use certain Boolean operators and special characters - click here for more information).

Use the drop down menus on the left to select and, or or not and control how each term is included in the search.

screenshotThis combination will look for Scran records which include either canoe or kayak or rowing.

screenshotThis combination will look for Scran records which include both horse and jockey but not Piggott.

screenshotIn the lower section of the Advanced Search, you can use the four drop down menus to specify further options. The table below shows the function of each of the menus.

Drop-Down Menu Function
Contributor Allows you to view only results from a particular contributing individual or institution.
Display Choose to display your results with thumbnail images or as text only.
Sort By Alters the order in which your results are displayed.
Media Search You can choose to see results containing only one type of Scran record, eg. only video clips or only Pathfinder Packs.