Notice for Scran Contributors


Fielded Search

What is it?

Scran Records are catalogued using information in seven fields: what, where, who, when, subject, title and Project. The Fielded Search allows you to look for words within particular fields.

The Fielded Search also allows you to choose how your search results are sorted and displayed, and choose which types of media you want to search for.

screenshotWhere can I find it?

If you can't see a link to the Fielded Search anywhere on the page, use the navigation menu at the top of the screen to select Search then Fielded.

How do I use it?

screenshotThe Fielded Search interface has two sections:

In the top section, you can identify your search terms. Follow these steps:

  1. To enter a search term, click in one of the text boxes and type a word. You can type a single word or a combination of words. If you type more than one word the search will find results containing all those words (you can also use certain Boolean operators and special characters - click here for more information).

  2. Using your mouse, click on the drop down menu to the left of the box and choose and, or or not to specify how the search term should be included. For more information on these options see the information on Scran's Advanced Search.

  3. In the same way, use the drop down menu on the right of the text box to specify in which field you wish to search.

  4. You can add up to five search terms, but you do not need to fill in all fields.

  5. The bottom section of the Fielded Search interface allows you to choose how your results are sorted and displayed. Click on the drop down menus to select an option. The table below explains what each menu does:
Drop-Down Menu Function
Contributor Allows you to view only results from a particular contributing individual or institution.
Display Choose to display your results with thumbnail images or as text only.
Sort By Alters the order in which your results are displayed.
Media Search You can choose to see results containing only one type of Scran record, eg. only video clips or only Pathfinder Packs.