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Scran conforms at level AA to the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, meaning wherever possible we satisfy all level 2 priorities.  

Accessibility Policy

All features on Scran should meet AA levels on accessibility and, wherever possible, features should meet AAA level.

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Some of the features which make this site more accessible are:

  • Alternative text is available for all images
  • The site uses a minimal amount of JavaScript and is fully functional without JavaScript turned on
  • The site uses an accessible colour scheme and a high contrast alternative colour scheme is available (through My Stuff)
  • A large text version of the site is available (through My Stuff)
  • A text only version of the site is available and the standard version is fully readable without CSS turned on
  • Layout of content is controlled using CSS wherever possible
  • The site validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Access Keys

This site uses a setup that matches most recommendations on access keys:

1 — Home Page
2 — Skip to News
3 — Site Map
4 — Search field focus
5 — Advanced Search
6 — Help
9 — Contact information
0 — Access Key details

N — next results page or next record when viewing records
P — previous results page or previous record when viewing records
S — select the first record in a results page
B — back to the results page when viewing records

< — jump to previous X records (same as pressing '<<')
> — jump to next X records (same as pressing '<<')

  • Internet Explorer 5+: Hold down Alt key, press the character key, release both, then press ENTER.
  • Firefox: Hold down Alt and Shift keys and press the character key.
  • Mozilla, Netscape 7+ and Internet Explorer 4: Hold down Alt key and press the character key.

Mac OS X

  • Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape 7+, Safari, Omniweb and Internet Explorer 5+: Hold down Ctrl key and press the character of access key.


  • Konqueror: Hold down Ctrl key and press the character of access key.

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