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What a Subscription Offers

Educational Subscription

Provides access for all students and staff. Teachers have home access too and students have school access to Scran and home access to Scribble.

At Home Subscription

A personal account lets you and your family access all of Scran, Stuff and Scribble and you can set up accounts for each member of your family.

Scran is a registered charity and depends on your support and that of our many contributors for this wonderful treasure trove. 


Access 480,000 copyright cleared images. View and download the images at the size of your choice – thumbnail, postcard and full screen size. Zoom enables you to view maps and documents in detail.

Enhanced Captions

See the full captions with each image and investigate who, what, where, when data where available 


Explore over 4,400 professionally-written, concise illustrated histories on events, people, places and a wealth of other topics. From Prehistory and the Dark Ages to modern Feats of Engineering, and from writers and poets to war and warmongers, Scran’s Pathfinders provide the ideal starting point. Every Pathfinder can be copied into your own album in Stuff for editing.


Your own personal space on Scran where you can store images, searches and albums. From Stuff, you can edit, create and share materials with other users. You can even generate RSS feeds.


Access Scran's communities and create your own Blog or Community in our Scribble website where you can also upload your own material.


A simple and innovative way to create your own electronic collections of Scran resources. Albums are fully editable in Stuff and can be used to Multicreate a booklet, generate a browsable web site or an online slideshow. Albums can also be shared with other licensed users.


Once you have your album in order with the text edited, why not make an instant slide show using Slides. Copy your album to another user and they have the slides to view too.


Ever seen an image and instantly wanted to make it into a worksheet, card, postcard, greetings card or calendar? Create is the solution for you. In a few easy templated steps your creation is delivered to your desktop fully completed in PDF format ready to use.


Ever wanted an instant booklet from an album of images?  Multicreate - just like Create above - does exactly that job - and it's just as easy as Create.  1, 2, 3 and you have your booklet in PDF format with no copying or complications.

Mini Web Sites 

Create your own mini website from Scran Albums or Pathfinder Packs in a couple of simple clicks. Your personal mini website is delivered to your desktop and you can use this offline.


Search smartly through educational topics, subjects and levels. Immediately find relevant resources.

Maps - Geographic Search

Look up Ordnance Survey maps of Britain and get Scran to find material in that location or, alternatively, open a map from a record to see where the object comes from. "Mash-up" to Google Maps or Google Earth from any record too.


Use Share, which is conveniently located on the toolbar under every image, to email, blog or send a postcard on a particular thumbnail image.  Never done this before? Scran makes it easy with a simple point and click interface.

Add Info and Contribute

Spotted an error or have some extra information or want to tag our images, click Add Info in the toolbar under the image.


Contribute is our latest addition - a full section that allows you to upload your own images and share with others on Scran. Contribute takes you through all the steps to create fully captioned records.  You can take as much time as you like as we save all your work and you can revisit your records and re-edit until you are perfectly satisfied. At that stage, you can submit your records and they go live for all users.