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User Comments

"Single best resource for teaching history."
Lecturer, Strathclyde University

"This is a great and easy to use site."
Scran User, Bradford College

"A great resource.  We will keep learning in school."
Primary Teacher, South Gloucestershire

"I teach a module in sports history to undergraduates and use images from Scran to inform my teaching. Some of the images of Victorians and Edwardians at play are wonderful."
Lecturer, University of Stirling

"I think that this is a splendid resource, providing a wealth of material never before gathered together and presented in a most attractive and accessible way."
Home User of Scran

"This excellent site is not only useful but valuable for schools and public alike."
Home User of Scran

"I have to say that the Scran website has blown me away! It is the sort of resource that I have been waiting on all my teaching career...which is a long time! Congratulations on an amazing job. The site is user friendly, has loads of fantastic information and links and the pupils really get a lot out of it."
Principal Assessor for Art and Design, Scottish Qualifications Authority

"I think it goes without saying that Scran has created a world class cultural resource."
Art and Design Tutor, Central College, Glasgow

"Staff and Users think it is an excellent unique site for researching local and family history. The activities are very popular, especially the calendar. It is very easy to use."
Senior Librarian, Moray Council

"I very much see Scran as a cornerstone of ICT developments in this authority. It is part of a portfolio of online resources which we recommend to teachers."
EDIT Team Leader, Clackmannanshire Council

"Simply superb - a fabulous resource and so user-friendly, especially for those of use who are not good with computers!"
Primary Teacher, South Lanarkshire

"A wonderful resource that takes away the worry of breaching copyright - and offers extensive support to staff and pupils in school."
ICT Coordinator, Glasgow

"As a lecturer of ICT in Education in a TEI I find Scran an invaluable resource not only for myself but also for my students to help them prepare materials for placement and for their academic studies."
ICT Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

"I LOVE the worksheet/poster create tool. Great idea and VERY useful."
Gaelic Medium Teacher, Highland

"We value Scran enormously: it is a unique resource that is entirely relevant to so many areas of the curriculum. I know of no other resource like it. It is so hard to attain relevant resources online. Often hours can be spent hunting around with search engines; often teachers are wary of letting children browse for information on the 'un-moderated' internet. Scran proves itself utterly relevant and a safe online environment for children."
Primary ICT Coordinator, Edinburgh

"Scran is the essential site for Scottish history, the first port-of-call for most local history enquiries. It's hard now to imagine what we did in the era before Scran!"
Librarian, West Lothian

"I ... also found that the website is very easy to use and I am not a computer whizz kid. It’s always exciting to visit the site and find out what's new.  Altogether a great teaching resource."
Primary Teacher, North Lanarkshire

"This is a fantastic resource for teachers and if it continues to improve as it has in recent months it will become even more so.  Teachers don't always have the time (or internet priority access) to search for photos – Scran does it for us. Thank you!"
Secondary Teacher, Geography, East Renfrewshire

"My only gripe about Scran is not enough hours in the day to look through it all...!"
Librarian, Midlothian