Notice for Scran Contributors


What is Contribute?

Contribute allows you to upload and share materials by creating fully searchable records with your content. You can now:

  • curate
  • edit and share your collections and
  • add to the Scran archive

Contribute is browser based and works on any computer with an internet connection. A personal project area is created when you start. There, you can:

  • upload
  • review and correct records
  • submit

In Safe Hands

You can take your time, returning to your work in progress when it suits you. The full Scran system saves your work in progress and keeps it safe for your return. The records page also gives hints and labeling help to make your task easier. You can invite friends and colleagues to help in your project area. Your material goes live only when you are ready to submit.

In your Control

In addition, you retain control. When your project goes live, you are given two special passwords. The first allows you to activate the editing tools in the normal Scran website when you view your records. So, you can correct and update for all time. The second is a shareable password which displays only your records in the Scran web site. These are fully accessible because these are your records and you can share that password with visitors, colleagues and friends.

If you have media of historical, cultural or educational significance - we want it! Upload your photos and allow thousands of Scran users access to them.


Getting Started

It's simple. Everything is done online and we will email you a licence and guide.

From within your Stuff account, select the Contribute Tab and follow the 3 step process:

  • sign up online
  • license online
  • contribute online.

Sign Up Now

Click Here to Sign up for Contribute in Stuff.

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