All News - 2004

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10th Dec 04
Primary News for December
10th Dec 04
Secondary News for December
6th Dec 04
At last Novus!
The National Library of Scotland opens exhibition on the 350th Anniversary of Bleau's Atlas Novus.
15th Oct 04
New Scran Service
Scran Launches its new service Scran2004
16th Aug 04
Primary News for August
All the latest news from Scran for Primary users. At the bottom of the page, you will find an option to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.
16th Aug 04
Secondary News for August
All the latest news from Scran for Secondary users. At the bottom of the page, you will find an option to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.
24th Jul 04
New Project: Space Exploration
35 years after the first landing on the Moon by humans from Earth, space exploration remains as fascinating as ever. This project looks at NASA's attempts in space, illustrated with some stunning images from their archives.
7th Jun 04
From Gregory's Girl to Greyfriar's Bobby
Landscape as Inspiration: Scottish Locations in Literary Work and Film
22nd May 04
Montserrat - Anatomy of a Volcano
At the end of 1994 the people of the island of Montserrat in the West Indies felt a series of alarming earthquakes, and crops near the volcano began to die. This was followed on 18th July 1995 by small steam explosions, the start of the volcanic eruptions that continue to this day. This project from the British Geological Survey looks at the physical features of the volcano such as the explosions, lava domes and pyroclastic flows as well as the human impact of the eruption, including the evacuations to the north of the island and the destruction of Plymouth, the capital of Montserrat.
8th May 04
Server Move - Website Unavailability
Scran are moving their servers to a new location on Saturday 8th May 2004.
27th Apr 04
New Albums - Current Albums Offline
Want to create your own Pathfinder, Worksheet or Website? New Albums offers all that and more.
20th Apr 04
Concorde arrives
The Concorde supersonic airliner to be displayed in the National Museums of Scotland's Museum of Flight at East Fortune airfield arrived on Monday 19th April.
23rd Mar 04
5000 Scotsman images loaded
The first SEED funded project has been loaded onto Scran. It is a selection of 5000 photographs as published in The Scotsman newspaper between 1986 and 1989.
10th Mar 04
Charting the Nation - project updated
This University of Edinburgh led project consists of digitised images of Scottish maps from the period 1590-1740, including work by Pont, the Gordons and Adair. It has recently been updated with "Zoomable" versions of all the maps, making it possible to examine the finest details with ease. This brings a new level of usability to a significant cartographic resource.
26th Feb 04
New Scran Community Project
Scran is planning an exciting new project, and we want to hear what you think. Please help us by filling in a very short questionnaire.
20th Feb 04
HE/FE Workshops
If you would like further details, or to request a workshop in your area contact
20th Feb 04
Key Skills Resources
The monthly addition to the Key Skills resources has just been added
20th Jan 04
Vacancy: Schools Education Officer
Details of a position which is available at Scran now.