Scran Terms: Don't Copy and Don't Sell

16th May, 2006

Scran is a charity.  It survives through grant aid from the Scottish Executive and subscriptions. We make every penny work hard to provide the best service that we can with only eight staff.

Simple Rules

Download what you want for personal, private use but don't copy to others and don't sell. Check out our Rights FAQ.

Giving Scran images away - and that includes putting on another website - infringes the intellectual property rights of our many contributors and denies Scran and the contributor royalty income that goes towards their services.

While you may save and print your resources and make up your own electronic resources, don't give away these or sell any resources that contain Scran images.  Teachers have a special licence to allow them to use these resources with students.


We place a hidden watermark in every downloaded large image and we know your details - so we can track the images back. Scran has just reached an out of court settlement with a user who tried to sell images breaching licence terms and copyright. Please note our policy is to take legal action and make those who break the licence terms recompense Scran and copyright holders.

Let us Know

Let us know of any suspicious use by clicking Feedback.  You can provide information anonymously if you wish.

Copyright and Rights