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War Poets

The period spent by Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon at Craiglockhart Hospital, where they were visited by Robert Graves, has been viewed as crucial in the poetry now seen as characteristic of the First World War. This project shows 122 images related to Owen and Sassoon and their links to Craiglockhart.

Subject Area: Poetry / War

Resource Type: website

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Web-based resources to support undergraduate classroom teaching: A resource pack

A set of resources which demonstrate how web-based resources, especially those located on SCRAN, enhance the quality of teaching and learning in classroom-based undergraduate courses. Examples have been drawn from Ecclesiastical History courses at the University of Edinburgh.

Subject Area: Ecclesiastical History / Educational Practice

Resource Type: PDF

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Web-based Seminar Template

An extract from a virtual learning environment for a module on the Viking Age. Web-based template for students to complete and publish with their research findings in preparation for face-to-face seminars.

Subject Area: The Viking Age

Resource Type: Website / VLE

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