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Images of Scotland: An Introduction to Visual Sociology

Created by Matt Sillars, Senior Lecturer in Art, Design & Media, Inverness College

What kind of resource is this?

click for resource view The main teaching materials (lecture notes, seminar activities, assignments and related links) for an undergraduate course ‘Images of Scotland: An Introduction to Visual Sociology’ delivered within the WebCT Learning Environment. The class is also supported by a one hour Video Conference Tutorial each week which will make use of the seminar material.

Read the full case study to find out more about this resource and how it was made.

Who was it designed for?

click for resource view Undergraduate students following a Level 2 module for the UHI Millennium Institute degree course in Cultural Studies.

Points to interest:

These materials make excellent use of the various features of a virtual learning environment – in this case WebCT. Look out for the image database which allows the lecturer to create a ‘mini Scran’ within the course materials, making access to selected images particularly quick and convenient for learners.

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Images of Scotland: An Introduction to Visual Sociology | extracts in a webpage