Scran Training for Mac Users

Important Information

This page has opened in a new window so that you will be able to perform tasks in the main Scran window without navigating away from the training section. This means you will need to comfortably be able to switch between open windows. Click here to learn ways to do this. Alternatively, you may wish to print out the activity you want to work on.

Basic Activities Getting the Most Out of Scran
Learn how to navigate the site and use the most popular features and tools, including Search, Create and Pathfinders. Find out about different types of Scran pages and records and how to get the most out of them.
Stuff You Should Know Working with Albums
Learn how to make Scran your own using My Stuff to store Scran content and personalise your experience. Build on your knowledge and learn about using the Albums area of My Stuff to create, edit, share and export your own collections.