Clifton House, Queen Street, Peterhead, 1900

Clifton House, situated on the left of this photograph, was the home of Captain John Gray Jnr of the whaling ships Queen, Mazinthien and Hope. Today, the house is run as Clifton Guest House.

Many of the outstanding houses in and around Peterhead were once the homes of whaling masters. Arthur Conan Doyle, then a student of medicine, sailed as ship's surgeon aboard the Hope under John Gray in 1880. Hope Street, Peterhead, was named in honour of the ship.

Hope Street, Captain Gray Place, Geary Place and Penny Place, streets in Peterhead, were named in memory of the whaling trade.

Clifton House ©SCRAN/Aberdeenshire Council
Clifton House, Peterhead, 1900

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