The Hope (2) leaving Peterhead harbour in c. 1880.

This oil painting by W. Hutton shows the steam screw whaler Hope leaving Peterhead harbour towed by the port's steam tug Pride of Scotland.

A great crowd have gathered around the North Harbour quays to witness the event and wish her God Speed.

The Hope was built by Messrs. Hall of Aberdeen for Captain John Gray Jnr of Peterhead and launched on March 4th 1873. After a celebrated career at Peterhead she was sold to Newfoundland in 1891.

Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, served as ship's doctor aboard the Hope in 1880 and many regard this as the turning point of his career from medicine to literature.

The Hope (2) leaving peterhead harbour.
©SCRAN/Aberdeenshire Council
Hope (2) leaving Peterhead