Whale bone arch, Pleasure Walk, Keith Inch, Peterhead.

The boiling of whale blubber, with its associated vile stink, took place in boilyards on Keith Inch, as far away from the centre of town as possible. The boilyards are long gone but there is still evidence to be seen of the industry.

This niche set into a wall along Pleasure Walk once housed the lower jaw of a whale, probably a Greenland right whale, or bowhead as it is now known. Presumably the arch led into a yard involved in the whale industry. Note the blue commemorative plaque.

Jaw bone arch on keith Inch ©Martyn Gorman
Wall with a niche for a whale jawbone, Keith Inch, Peterhead, 2002

Today, the area has been largely taken over as a supply base for the storage of heavy equipment used in the offshore North Seal Oil Industry.

Old boil yards used for storage in 2002 ©Martyn Gorman
Boil yards used for storage by North Sea oil industry 2000

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