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Amazon RiverRecently, as well as continuing our twilight teacher training sessions, we’ve started to work extensively with a number of schools, directly with the children in the classroom during school hours. At Royal Mile Primary School we worked with a class of P5s on their South America topic. While Scran is perhaps not the first place you’d think to turn for South American materials, the children were able to compile a shared Album full of images of people, wildlife, jewellery, food, flowers, landscapes and more, drawing on records from the National Museums of Scotland, Cairns Aitken, and the University of Aberdeen’s Zoology Museum among others. They then annotated this with their own text, gleaned from private research about their chosen images, and presented their findings at a school assembly. In this way, the children were able to demonstrate independent learning, share knowledge with their peers and collaborate effectively, all using Scran content and tools!

Stuff Album slide

A slide from a pupil’s Album

At St Pius RC Primary, meanwhile, we worked with a class of P6s over a number of weeks, on their CSI and Forensics topic. Again, while this topic isn’t one of our strongest suits, the students found plenty of fascinating records on fingerprinting, DNA, detective work and the like. Using Scran, the students compiled individual Albums of images related to the topic (including lots of pictures of money, phones, judges and jails!), then used these to frame a piece of creative writing about a fictitious crime, again overwriting the text in their Albums with their own choices of words. These albums were then copied to a group Stuff account, and shared with the class. Again, a lot of Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes (namely personalising, editing, sharing etc.) were achieved with very little effort using Scran’s content and tools. The work that the students did on Scran complemented other classroom activities investigating the science of forensic investigation.

If you’d like us to come to your school and work directly with your class, just get in touch!

Images © Cairns Aitken, Design Council, DHRC/University of Brighton | Licensor Scran 


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