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Warhol & Paolozzi

Marilyn by Andy WarholThe National Galleries of Scotland’s exhibition on the artists Andy Warhol & Eduardo Paolozzi opened recently, and is showing until 9th June 2019 at their Modern Two gallery on Belford Rd.

Showcasing original paintings, sculptures and screenprints, the exhibitions highlights the similarities between the two Pop Art pioneers, even though they were operating on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Both were born to immigrant parents. Both embraced the machine age, Warhol using mechanical reproduction extensively, and Paolozzi utilising machine-like imagery in much of his work (the exhibition’s title I Want To Be A Machine comes from a 1963 Warhol aphorism). Both did commercial work alongside their fine art.

Automobile Head by Eduardo PaolozziThat said, there are many differences between the two artists too. Paolozzi was far more “hands-on” an artist than Warhol, who famously set up a Factory to create most of his art. Warhol was more active in magazine publishing, music and film than Paolozzi, who concentrated largely on sculpture and screenprinting.  And because the show chooses to keep the two artists separate (two of the five rooms are devoted to Paolozzi, and three to Warhol), it’s sometimes difficult to make direct comparisons between the two. But there are definitely many areas of overlap between the two artists, and this show does a good job of pointing up the similarities between them.

If you’d like to explore Paolozzi further, there are many images on Scran of his work, from the Pier Arts Centre, the V&A and The Scotsman.

We also have a few Warhol images too!

Images © Victoria & Albert Museum| Licensor Scran

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