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The visualcatalogues interface is a pure JAVA applet which should run on any computer platform with a Java 2.1 enabled web browser application. See below for supported browsers

To be realistic this requires (for PC's) a Pentium 133MHz+ / 32Mb RAM minimum. 

Clearly a fast modem (33.6k+)  is best for displaying the visual information the catalogue contains when viewing on-line.





Supported Browsers

This Compact Catalogue interface is a pure JAVA applet which should run on any computer platform with a Java 2.1 enabled web browser application. 

To allow for improved Java functionality and future browser releases the catalogue will only work with the latest Java enabled browser applications.

This demo has been tested with, and will run on the PC with
Netscape Navigator 4.51 and 4.6 or MS Internet Explorer 4.72 or 5.0 +

Please note the Java Catalogue Interface may not load with earlier versions of these browsers, or may have limited functionality.





Browser Updates

To download and upgrade an existing Netscape Communicator
or Netscape Navigator installation : Netscape Software Smart Update

To download a FULL version of Netscape: FULL Netscape
- alternatively you can Order a CDROM containing the latest Netscape Products.

To download Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
IE 4 updates are also available from this site.

The latest versions of these browser applications are often available on computer magazine 'cover disks' - if you want to save yourself the download time. 

Internet Explorer 5 can be ordered free from Microsoft, either from their web site or by telephoning Microsoft Connection. Check on Microsofts site for details.





Java Applet

Although the Compact Catalogue Java applet has been designed for compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator on the PC with the Java Virtual machine loaded,  it should work with any other Internet browser that supports the Java 2.1 virtual machine specification. 

If you have tried without success to view the catalogue on other browsers, operating system or hardware,  please use our  Site Report Form  to let us know. 





Monitor Display

The Compact Catalogue interface requires a minimum screen resolution (pixels) of 800 x 600 to run, though some controls may be off the viewing area at this resolution depending on your browser settings. 

It runs best with a 1024 x 768 pixel  resolution, in true colour.





Microsoft Windows  users who have chosen to display Large System Fonts [Display/Properties/LargeFonts - option] may find that button names, short descriptions and other text fields have become truncated. This is a known issue which does not effect the overall functionality.





Interface Applet
Doesn't Work

Please use our Site Report Form to report any problems you may encounter using the Java Applet - please supply as much information about the problem enclountered as you can, including type of computer (Apple,PC,Unix box etc.), operating system (Windows version, Mac OS and version, Unix flavour and version), and browser version (Netscape,Internet Explorer version). 



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