Notice for Scran Contributors


Complaints Procedure

Step by Step

  1. Our complaints procedure is easy to use and confidential.
  2. Web forms are provided throughout the site for simple corrections and requests for information.
  3. Specific complaints about our service and staff are treated seriously.
  4. You may make your complaint by email, telephone, fax or by mail.
  5. Your first point of contact is Neil Fraser
  6. Your complaint will be acknowledged within 5 working days and we will advise you of when we hope to resolve it.
  7. Our aim is to reach a satisfactory solution to your complaint within 30 days.
  8. The Customer Service Contact will represent your complaint within Scran and will seek a reply or resolution from the appropriate department.
  9. We will contact you with the solution and will provide this is writing if you require.
  10. If you are dissatisfied in any way, you may refer your complaint at any point to the Head of Archives and Engagement.
  11. We will keep a copy of your complaint and any replies which are made securely.