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Web-based Seminar Template

Created by Christina Lee, Lecturer in Old English and Viking Studies, University of Nottingham

What kind of resource is this?

click for resource view An extract from a web-based learning environment for a module on the Viking Age.

Students complete the template by identifying and inserting an image from Scran (or another source) and commenting on its significance. Completed templates provide the focus for discussion at the weekly course seminar.

Read the full case study to find out more about this resource and how it was made.

Who was it designed for?

Second and third year students (Level B) on the Viking Age module taught in the School of English Studies at the University of Nottingham.

Points of interest:

click for resource view The great advantage of this activity is that it gives students a chance to see each other’s research both before and after the (face-to-face) seminar where their work is discussed. This approach greatly facilitates peer-assisted learning; as the author points out, students can be very critical and the fact that they have to present to their peers, rather than writing an essay or evaluation for the lecturer can be a great incentive. The discussion of evidence deepens their understanding of the subject since they have to present their finds to other students. Students also have the benefit of having had access to other student’s research, despite the fact that they have only prepared one small area of the seminar.

This technique could be used at any level in any subject area.

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