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Welcome to the Arran WWW Fieldtrip!

This is an online guide to the Geology of the Island of Arran, Scotland. Described as 'Scotland in Minature', Arran provides a rich diversity of rock types in a small area, and is ideal for geological fieldwork at any level. This richly illustrated site represents an introductory guide to the geology of Arran, and will make sure that your visit to Arran is as productive as possible. If you are not a geologist or Earth Scientist, please read this additional introduction. Note that the indexes link at the bottom of every page takes you to a page with links to all sections of this site -in effect a 'map' of the pages that are present. Gordon Curry & Graham MacLeod, Division of Earth Science, University of Glasgow, Scotland. Follow this link for important information about the use of this site.

NB. Throughout the site, click on small images for an enlarged view and more information

The information is organised in a number of themes to allow maximum flexiblity:

Geological Period
Stratigraphical order (oldest to youngest, or pick somewhere in between).


Landscapes of Arran
Effects of weathering, rivers, glaciers, and other processes on the landscapes of Arran

Ancient Environments
Deserts, oceans, volcanoes, rivers, etc.
  Geological Highlights
Some of the 'special' geological features on Arran
Rock Types
Major type of rocks found on Arran
  Archaeology & Geology
Standing stones, etc.
Where you can visit geological outcrops on Arran
  Natural Resources
Mining and other commercial activities on Arran

Geological History
Arran over the last 600 million years

  Techniques & Field Skills
Essential safety advice for fieldwork
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